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Anarchy x Burn x Unleaded
Raised by Rule Sheep Co
2018 AI Sire




Trump Stump Trump Stump

Drop the Mic x Tundra
2017 Keeper Buck Lamb





Bonafide Stud
Macflurry x Powercat




Show Pony

Ratchet x 13 x Duck x Chilly/Heatstroke
Bred by Middlesworth/Allen






Beastmode x Angry Dragon's Sister
Raised by Rule Sheep Co
AI Sire for 2017






Stick This x Tundra x Signature 2015
Keeper Buck Lamb




Angry Dragon
Burn x Unleaded x Signature
Full Brother to Donkey Punch & Rack City
Bred by Rule Sheep Co.



Big Stick x King of Queens
Bred by Wade Franklin





Sired by YoYo

Bred by Matt Hays, Kansas
Owned with David Solberg

A major impression was left on us after attending the 2011 Midwest Stud Ram Sale as we viewed and bid on a young buck lamb consigned by Hays Brothers of Kansas. "Game Face" was a ram that I thought was not only right for the times but was structurally put together better than most of the more mature sheep in the barn. I was excited when we received word the following spring that Matt had another individual that put together the same design, structure, and amount of muscle..and as a result, we hauled "Peterbilt" home with us Corp weekend. "Peterbilt's" combination of look and eye appeal coexist with the overall amount of power and muscle put together in a hard handling package that I feel will make some great show wethers. His lambs have started to hit the ground and are due to make the same sort of impression that led us down this road.





Thank You to Bob & Cindy Freed of
Three Sisters Sheep for Purchasing Eye Candy!!

Eye Candy
Nicewonger 703A
504 x Marcantel 29

Purchased from John Nicewonger
Owned with David Solberg

His name was derived from the lamb picture John put on his website and seeing him in person only solidified my decision to bring this buck back home to Iowa. If you dig into the genetics on this guy you will find on the top side multiple shots of Composure, Protocol, Trademark and 277 bloodlines, the bottom side is loaded with Marcantel genetics that I feel have put together a ram that can continue our tradition of making great show wethers. Eye Candy is in line with today’s trend, he isn’t just fuzzy legged but also massive in his bone and foot size. The muscle shape that he displayed as a baby and throughout is set forth with the type of velvety hided touch that is missing in most sheep today. His loin edge is impeccable and his moderate size matches up with our bigger framed ewes. I also believe that the female offspring out of this ram will impact our flock much the same way that the Primetime and X-box ewes have.





Double Stuff

Duffey 70
Stuff x LJ

Bred by James Duffey|
Sold to Paulson Club Lambs

 "Double Stuff" seemed an appropriate name derived from the fact you can trace the famous "Leo" genetics over and over again in his pedigree. We would like to thank James for working with us to incorporate these genetics into our flock and we expect the lambs to possess that same "Duffey" look that has come to be so popular these days. "Double Stuff" was used early on in our AI group and then again for February lambs, we currently have about 30 babies on the ground out of him and look forward to watching them grow out. Coming out of the chute they are good hided, round ribbed, and have the stoutness and bone one would expect out of this line. 





Lil Peter

Lil Peter
Peterbilt x Eye Candy

With today’s trends in the show ring it doesn’t appear that size matters as much as it once did. For bucks like “Lil Peter” it’s more about how you put it all together rather than how big you are and this guy is built from the ground up. Our most prolific cross was breeding Peterbilt to the Eye Candy daughters and this buck lamb got the best from both worlds. He has saw service on a portion of the old ewes and will be heavily relied upon to handle the ewe lambs.





Pimp Juice

Pimp Juice
Bullet Proof x Panda (Unleaded x MGM's Dam)

We are pleased to announce the usage of New Horizon’s “Pimp Juice” on the majority of our AI ewes. We felt this buck would certainly compliment this set of ewes with his cool look from the side, his silky handle, and a ton of fluff on the legs!! Thanks to Tyson and the rest of the gang at NHG for putting this guy in their Stud Ram Battery!!





Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy
Nicewonger 729
Tommy x Marcantel 29

Purchased from John Nicewonger
Owned with Pat Ware

It's not often that rolling the dice on a two week old lamb turns in your favor, whether you want to call it skill or luck,  watching this guy develop into one of the top prospective bucks in the country has us excited about the future!!

This lined up Marcantel bred sheep was exactly what I was looking for when I traveled out to California. Wanting something that would click with my Composure line it didn't take long after looking at John's Winner's page to see that Tommy was doing just that, siring some of the most talked about lambs in the show ring.

"Tommy Boy" combines the necessities of bone and structure along with the added base width and rib shape that is in demand. My favorite part is you get all of these Hamp influences with the muscle and velvety touch that makes getting lambs ready for the weekend fun!! Already endorsed by a number of Breeders that have seen him in person, "Tommy Boy" is going to play a huge role in this year’s lamb crop!!





Miller 118
Double bred Masterpiece

Ohhhh Boy!! Nothing like having the opportunity to pick up a proven ram on his way up the totem pole! There are few rams in the industry that have sired lambs that walk into the winners circle at a Texas Major and there are even fewer that have sent them there twice. With gratitude we appreciate the chance that Jerry Barnett and Mike Hancock gave us when we purchased “Mirage” during the 2010 lambing season, his wethers are winners and his females are worth their weight in gold. I would love to fill this page with adjective’s describing how cool this buck is made but I feel in “Mirage’s” case the pictures of his offspring will speak for him. They prove that “Mirage” is no optical illusion!!

Sire of:
Reserve 2010 Houston Livestock Show
Reserve Hamp & 3rd Overall 2010 IN State Fair
Reserve 2009 San Antonio Livestock Show
Reserve 2007 TJLA Fall Classic





Rising Star

Rising Star

Perazzi x Pistol Pete

In our industry today the term “Proven Sire” gets thrown around a lot, but when you own a Stud Ram that has produced all of these Champions plus many more, he is certainly deserving of the title.

It’s 2009 and the Rising Star babies are starting their 3rd year in the showring, his lambs are getting off to a great start with him siring the Reserve Champion FFA Market Lamb and the 3rd Overall 4-H Market Lamb at this years Iowa State Fair, along with the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the Michigan State Fair. To date his babies have been Grand or Reserve at over a dozen State Fairs and Major shows.

He is again being exposed to a large number of ewes for 2010 and after the last 3 years of consistent success we expect more of the same out of “Rising Star”.






Sired by Compsure

Equity is the full brother to the 08’ Champion at Houston. We are really excited about this Allred/Elliott stud prospect! Equity has the neatest rib design of any buck we’ve owned to date. He is immense in his bone work as well as massive topped, hipped and extremely wide based. He will really compliment our Rising Star and Sedalia Ellerbrock ewes.




Sedalia Ellerbrock

Sedalia Ellerbrock
Sedalia Miller x Miller O-379

Sedalia Ellerbrock has been a great asset as he has been racking up wins in 08’. He is freaky shallow bodied and jacked up in his front-end. With this rams extension & pattern he has complimented our thicker made Xbox daughters.

Sedalia Ellerbrock Sired:
2008 Reserve Hamp Tennessee State Fair
2008 Reserve Commercial Ewe Iowa State Fair 4H Show
2008 ND Jr. Point Show Assoc. Point Show - High Point Market Wether Champion Lamb
2007 Grand Champion 4H Market Lamb Iowa State Fair
2007 Grand Champion North Alabama State Fair
2007 Reserve Shrop- Tennessee Junior Expo







Thanks to Justin Fitzwater & Kris Sanders
for your purchase!

Showbox x Lex

Xbox is our power sheep! He is massive everywhere. His daughters are true stud ewes as they have produced champions year after year. He will be exposed to 30 Chaos & Rising Star daughters for 2009.





Fields 217
"65" x "66"





Pistol x Stoker
Currently Owned by
Steve and Wilbur Deaton

Champion Hampshire Ram, 2003 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. Purchased from Cabaniss Club Lambs. We are extremely pleased with the consistency this buck has produced in his first year. He really stamps his lambs with an expressive top, explosive hip, and still maintains that cool loin edge that hamps are known for. He sired a Division winner at the Iowa State Fair in his first lamb crop.





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